In 2017, I released a debut album, Trails, with Anders Ulrich on bass and Simon Bernier on drums, in which we presented a repertoire of personal compositions and arrangements of traditional Greek songs, influenced by modern jazz from New York and the Middle East; a singular blend with a heady lyricism..

I then enthusiastically returned to composition to continue the work initiated with the first opus. With Insulary Tales, released in 2019, I've committed my writing to a series of compositions that evoke as many stories lived or imagined around the idea of insularity and the rigors of the natural elements we endure there, the poetry of the Cycladic landscapes and the extraordinary encounters we make there. Added to this are arrangements of themes by rebetiko singer and composer Vassilis Tsitsanis, whose music has been with me ever since I discovered it.

2021 marks the arrival of Gabriel Midon on double bass. With Simon Bernier on drums since its creation in 2014, the group is welded together by nine years of shared musical and human adventures. The trio becomes a quartet on tour in 2022 with the arrival of Pierre Bernier on saxophone, already a guest on Trails, which alters the balance of the group and opens the way to new musical interactions and approaches to playing.

Frames is an album of seven compositions and one arrangement of rebetiko, the band's signature sound. In this opus, I drew inspiration from painting and pictorial as well as musical impressionism, from French composers such as Emmanuel Chabrier. This album is also a reflection on the notion of framework, both the one we find ourselves in and the one we wish to go beyond, in our personal quest for freedom.

Released on October 27, 2023 by We See Music.


Antoine Karacostas - piano
Pierre Bernier - saxophone
Gabriel Midon - contrebasse
Simon Bernier - batterie