Born in Paris in 1984, Antoine began playing the piano at a very young age. Marked by the listening to family records, he turned to jazz at the age of 13. It was only after completing his studies as a sound technician that he decided to pursue a professional career in music.

After his decisive meeting with Emil Spanyi at the Conservatoire du 9e arrondissement, he joined the CRR de Paris where he studied with the latter and Benjamin Moussay, and from which he left in 2010 with the DEM Jazz et musiques improvisées.

He has since multiplied various musical experiences. After a first album in 2011 and numerous concerts with the Urbs quintet, he created an electroacoustic duo with the band's saxophonist, Axel Rigaud. An EP will be launched in 2012. He will then perform in the play Qui m'aime me nuise me nuise, in which he improvises on texts by Dorothy Parker. On the strength of this successful experience, he joined Oh my glotte in 2013 as well as the opera for young audiences Le Prince Masqué. He has also played since then in the new soul band Serrad, in the post-rock band White Note since 2012 and in the rhythm and blues band Nantucket, whose first ep was released in 2018.

Antoine Karacostas shows his trio in 2014 and has released two albums with this formation, Trails in 2017 and Insulary Tales in 2019, in which he presented a repertoire of arrangements of traditional Greek songs and rebetiko, as well as personal compositions. A singular blend of heady lyricism that has defined the band's sound.

2021 marks the arrival of Gabriel Midon on double bass. With Simon Bernier on drums since its creation in 2014, the group is welded together by nine years of shared musical and human adventures. The trio becomes a quartet on tour in 2022 with the arrival of Pierre Bernier on saxophone, already a guest on Trails, which alters the balance of the group and opens the way to new musical interactions and approaches to playing.