My main project. The music of the trio is shared between my compositions and arrangements of traditional and contemporary Greek music. It leaves the emphasis on improvisation and solid complicity. Our first album Trails was released in early 2017 on Parallel Records. Our second, Insulary Tales, is scheduled for early 2019 also on Parallel Records.

Antoine Karacostas - piano
Anders Ulrich - double bass
Simon Bernier - drums

A rock project that I integrated along the way. A second album, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, on which we have many guests (string quartet, winds, choir...) was released in September 2015.

Nicolas Boblin - voice & guitar
Antoine Karacostas - keyboards & piano
Paul Jarret - guitar
Sébastien Hurtel - bass
Dimitris Bouchez - drums

Thibault Chevaillier - keyboards, voice
Nicolas Charlier - drums
Antoine Karacostas - keyboards